About us

Behind the creation of Diving solutions exists our love for the sea and its magical world.

As a member of PADI, Professional Association of Diving Instructiors we ensure the right training, the safe diving and the appropriate behavior under and out of the sea. We collaborate with the biggest hotels, gyms and training centers in Thessaloniki, providing diving services for recreation and coaching purposes.


Diving solutions is housed in a facility of 200 m2 with a standard training room, registration and accounting office, equipment and service installations as well as locker rooms and diving lung refill spaces. In direct collaboration with private swimming pool with heated pool, located 100 m. away from our facility, we offer our training services in confined waters all year round.

Our Services

Organization of all levels diving, from the simple DSD and diving training in all levels to DIVEMASTER, with certifications for professional use.

First aid seminars for industry professionals, trainers and private citizens.

Daily diving excursions every Saturday and Sunday in designated posts in Chalkidiki.


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