Diving Spots

Agios Nikolaos Tower
A wonderful diving spot just a breath away from a rocky area.
Kalogria Beach
A well-known diving spot suitable for Scuba Divers and Open Water Divers,…
An ancient port, located on the western shore of the peninsula of…
Porto Galini
One of the greatest diving spots in Sithonia, Halkidiki.
Epanomi’s Shipwreck
Suitable either for educational purposes or amateur scuba divers.
Koursaros Beach
Despite being near Porto Valitsa, Koursaros spot is also a great diving…
Porto Elea
A famous diving spot in Sithonia, near local organized beach.
Porto Valitsa
Exceptional diving spot available only for Advanced Scuba Divers.
Diving Excursion to Kelyfos Island
Diving excursion to the island of Kelyfos: Discover the wonders underwater, in…